Mattress in Gainesville

Gainesville Florida. Home of great athletes, great colleges and remarkable shops. A small city that offers a balance between the beauty of nature and a social activities. Gainesville is a beautiful city with a good economy, football and great employment opportunities as well which are just two out of many factors that convinced me to move here. The only worry I had was that it is known as one of the most humid cities in the United States and humidity does not settle well with my back pain.

I love my sleep. Being active all my life, it isn’t easy for me to slow down unless the back pain tells me that I have to but I must mention the nice Gainesville weather really did spoil me. When I first planned to move to Gainesville the first thought I had was to get a new bed and mattress. Growing up, all I did was play sports, especially football. Knowing that I would be living in the home town the Gatorade and the Florida Gators, I knew that I would be tempted to move a little more, therefore I would need to sleep better.

Now, I know it might sound a bit over the top but when I don’t get a good night’s rest, my next day isn’t as productive. My mornings are torturous and a quarter hour feels like a half an hour. That’s mostly due to my back pain that keeps me up. During a game in my high school football team, I got hit with a blow in one of my games and my back never felt the same since.

On my time off, I am hoping to visit all the popular sights my friend told me about from the nature walks in Bivens Arm Nature Park and to watching the plays at the Gainesville Theater Alliance. I needed a memory foam mattress to avoid adding any more pressure on my back. Luckily I found a great store that provided the perfect memory foam mattress. And I was more than happy to get rid of my old spring mattress and settle in with my new one. I was never able to sleep on a couch without feeling the consequence the next day, so you can tell how excited I was about this purchase.

So I set up my bed and threw my body right onto that mattress. The second my body came in contact with the sponge-like surface, it felt like heaven. I laid there for a long while. No pressure, just tremendous long lasting comfortable. It felt like my body was melting and I quickly drifted into sleep. For anyone who is going through back pain and has trouble sleeping, I definitely recommend getting a new memory foam mattress.

After testing out my new bed, I no longer had to worry about how my sleep or how my next day would be turn out. I may never join the Florida Gators, but I can still attend the games and jump with excitement without worrying about back pain.

And right after I got the new mattress, the next thing I wanted was to paint my bedroom. Fortunately, I was able to hook up with the best painters in Gainesville Florida. I called the owner after finding him on the internet, and he came right over, gave me a very fair price estimate for painting the bedroom, and then came over himself and did all the work. I must say I was very impressed with his professionalism and expertise. Very easy to talk to and work with. I can highly recommend him! Here's his website: